PokerStars is facing a slew of legal challenges, and some reviews are being removed.

The poker site has faced several legal challenges over its business model and practices, and the review site PokerStars has announced it will be taking legal action to stop a “suspicion that it is an illegal gambling site”.

A spokesman for PokerStars said: “We have been receiving complaints about the site from many customers and we are currently investigating these claims.”

Online gambling is legal in Australia, but there are a number of sites which cater to users of other forms of gambling, including poker.

The legal challenges come after several lawsuits were lodged by legal experts.

The PokerStars spokesman said it would continue to monitor the sites “to protect the privacy of our customers and keep them safe”.

Online gambling review sites, including PokerStars, have been accused of “misleading and misleading” customers, with reviews appearing to link to poker sites.

There are also concerns that reviews are providing “information about gambling websites which are not regulated and which are likely to be a source of unlawful activity”, and are “potentially misleading”, with reviews citing “potential negative effects” of gambling on individuals.

There have been a number legal challenges to online gambling sites over the past few years.

A number of major players in the online gambling business have been caught up in legal disputes, including The Poker Network and PokerStars.