Virginias first bitcoin wallet, the VISA Electron, went live in November.

The company’s chief executive, Andrew McAfee, said the company was planning to add a second bitcoin wallet in the near future.

He said it would allow people to buy and sell bitcoins on the bitcoin exchange BTC-e, which was launched by former PayPal CEO David Marcus.

Virginias second bitcoin, the BTC-E Bitcoin Electron wallet, went on sale in April and it became available to anyone who has an internet connection.

Virginiamans first bitcoin, a VISA Nano, went online in October.

The firm’s chief marketing officer, Mark Wiesenthal, said Virginiaman had “not forgotten about bitcoin” and was excited to offer it.

He added that it was a “new and exciting way to transact.”

Virginiamen also announced that it had signed an agreement to sell its Virginiamania store to a global operator.

The deal is worth about $8.5 million, according to the company.

Virginia said it had “committed to supporting bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

The company said it was the first to offer its customers access to its BitGo virtual currency exchange service.

The company said that its BitPay mobile payment app will continue to be available for free for Virginiaminians to use.

Virgin’s first bitcoin ATM was set up at the Viacom headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

It has since been moved to a larger facility in New York City.