The best online casinos and bingo games are in the US, according to data from the National Gaming Commission (NGC).

Online gambling is a growing industry in the United States and Canada, with the total number of casinos now estimated at around 4,000, according the National Association of State Gaming Directors (NASGD).

“I think the biggest market, by far, is Nevada, where we have over 5,000 casinos, about 800 of them casino-owned,” Michael Johnson, the NASGD’s senior vice president for gaming, told ABC News.

“We have one of the most vibrant online gambling markets in the world, so it’s a good place to be.”

Johnson said the US is the largest online gambling country, accounting for more than half of all online gambling revenue.

He said that number could grow even more if online gambling becomes legal in the coming years.

Online gambling companies are now allowed to take money from people’s accounts at casinos, which makes them more attractive to players.

“The more people who play online, the more money they make,” Johnson said.

“And we think that as online gambling continues to grow and expand, more people are going to want to play online.”

Online gambling also helps to offset the cost of operating the casinos, since they are a cheaper alternative to brick-and-mortar casinos, he added.

“It’s a really good place for players to play, it’s also a great place to make a living,” Johnson told ABC.

“I see the casinos as a way to make money.”

According to the NASGD, online gambling accounts for nearly 5% of all casino revenue in the country.

Online casinos can also offer more perks to players, including cash bonuses, VIP status, and other perks.

However, the casino industry in Nevada is struggling to keep up with growing demand.

“Nevada’s casinos are struggling,” Johnson noted.

“It’s going to take a lot more than $2 billion to keep pace with demand.

Nevada has to do better.”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NVGCB) estimates the number of Nevada-based casinos to be around 700,000.

According to Johnson, there are about 2,500 casinos in the state of Nevada, which is expected to grow to about 2.6 million by 2020.

Nevada also has the third largest online poker market in the U.S., according to the online gambling industry website, and the number one online gambling state overall, according an article by PokerStats in July.

Nevadas casino revenue has risen significantly over the past year, according Johnson.

In 2015, online gaming accounted for almost two-thirds of all gaming revenue in Nevada, according PokerStats, and Johnson says Nevada is on track to surpass $2.3 billion in total gaming revenue this year.

“This is really the next step for Nevada and it’s going in the right direction,” Johnson, of the NASGE, told the ABC.

“I think we are on track.”

Las Vegas Sands’ Nevada operations have reported an average monthly revenue of $932 million.

Johnson said Nevada casinos are now offering “one-time cash bonuses” to players at casinos.

“That’s one of our perks,” Johnson added.

“We’re going to continue to do that.”

Las, Vegas Sands has about $1 billion in revenue for Nevada casinos, according a company statement.

Johnson said that Las Vegas Sands is in discussions with the NAS GD about making casino gaming in Nevada more competitive.

“Las Vegas has an opportunity to make more of an impact on the gaming market in Nevada and is exploring potential opportunities to do so,” the statement said.

Las Vegas casinos are expected to have around 50,000 full-time employees, according in a Las Vegas Times-Herald article from July.

Johnson, of The NASGE and a former CEO of Bovada, a Nevada online gambling company, said Las Vegas has the ability to become the first casino to open in the states’ “Silicon Valley” region.

“If it works, that could be a game changer for Nevada,” Johnson stated.

“Las Vegas is an incredible city, but the next generation of Nevada gamers are going in a different direction.”

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