The NFL’s DraftKings (NFL) and DraftKings Sportsbook are launching their own digital games, but the two teams aren’t the only ones competing in the new world.

The two biggest sites, DraftKing and Draft Kings Live, are also partnering to launch a new joint venture in which DraftKings and DraftKing will create new games.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Draft Kings said the new partnership is a “significant step forward” in both the NFL and in digital sports betting.

“We are excited to continue working together with DraftKings to create a game that will deliver a high-quality, fun, and engaging online experience for fans,” said DraftKings CEO Brian Kelly.

DraftKings has already launched two sportsbooks and a mobile app, but it will be looking to expand into the other digital formats. “

While DraftKings live and Draft King draft will continue to be the most popular, Drafts will continue being a key part of our strategy.”

DraftKings has already launched two sportsbooks and a mobile app, but it will be looking to expand into the other digital formats.

DraftKings said it will launch DraftKings Online, a sportsbook-like sportsbook experience that will be powered by the new NFL DraftKings platform.

Draft Kings is launching the service in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2018, but will offer the game in all 50 states in the following year.

“The DraftKings experience is an unparalleled combination of the most exciting games, including the biggest live draft leagues in the world, and the best value sportsbooks in the country,” DraftKings co-founder and CEO Scott W. Anderson said in a statement.

“Our DraftKings sportsbook is a game-changing digital experience that fans will want to play in all their daily fantasy games.”

DraftKing Sports will also be launching its own app for users to purchase DraftKings games.

DraftKing is partnering with Draft Kings to provide a live sportsbook version of DraftKings Draft and Live, a game of fantasy sports that will also feature DraftKings-created fantasy sports leagues.

Drafts Live, Draftkings Online and Drafts Draft will all be free to play for users, with no minimum bet required.

DraftSports, Draftking’s online sportsbook, will launch in the second quarter of 2019.

Draft Sports will be a sports book-like online sports app that will feature Draft Kings-created sportsbooks.

Draft Live, which DraftKing launched in January, will also support live fantasy drafts.

Draftkies live fantasy sports games will also offer live and draft options for users.

Draft King Live will be the first sportsbook offering a live fantasy game experience.

DraftKings Draft and Draft will launch to the public in 2019.