Online gambling in Nevada has long been the biggest source of controversy in the state, but it appears to be about to get a bit tougher. 

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NVGCB) has said that online gambling is now prohibited under state law, meaning that the state has removed its online gambling laws from its website.

The move comes after an extensive investigation by the US attorney for Nevada, which uncovered the potential criminal liability for Nevada residents who gamble online.

The Nevada Gaming Commission (NVGCC) has since confirmed that online gaming is now illegal under state and federal law, although the details of how it will be policed remain unclear.

It is unclear whether the move will be followed up by a similar ban on online gambling in the rest of the country.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a Republican, has called the state’s move “unprecedented”, but critics have questioned the extent of the state government’s power to regulate the state.

“This is an important step in the right direction in the fight against online gambling,” Nevada State Gaming Control Commission (NGCC) Chairwoman Debra Schatz said in a statement.

“The new law also protects Nevada residents from gambling violations at the state and local level, while also providing for more transparency and oversight.

There will be additional penalties for anyone found to be in violation of this law.””

If you do not pay, you may be fined up to $2,500 per day,” she added.

“There will be additional penalties for anyone found to be in violation of this law.”

The new laws are effective on Thursday. 

Nevada is the sixth US state to impose a ban on the use of online gambling services, after California, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Nevadas move comes as the gambling industry is being rocked by a string of scandals, including the collapse of a gaming giant in Nevada, the arrest of one of its top executives, and the arrest last week of an alleged high-stakes gambling ring in New York. 

Earlier this week, the US Attorney for Nevada said the state was looking into allegations that the company that runs online gambling sites for its casino games, The Vegas Gaming, had been running illegal operations. 

“It is extremely important that Nevada’s online gambling industry continue to be safe and sound,” US Attorney Richard Roth said in the statement.