The NHL has come under fire for offering online gambling and other forms of gambling to players, including those who don’t qualify for a gambling exemption.

The NHLPA, the union representing players, has been calling for the league to offer the same protections to players who don�t qualify for one.

The NHL has long offered a free trial of online gambling to its players, but this week the league announced it will be expanding that offer to all players by offering free online gambling through the NHL Network.

This is the first time the NHL has offered the offer to players in the form of a free service, league spokesman Jeff Fagan said.

Players who don���t have a gambling license will still be able to play the games through their personal computers, but they won�t be able do so through the league website.

The free trial period will run until January 10, 2019.

The league has been criticized for offering the service to players without providing any details about how it would work, and for the lack of transparency around how the company would manage all of its information about its customers.

Players are also being asked to use their credit cards when making purchases, although the cardholder has to sign up for a free account and log in through a website to get access to that information.

The league also hasn�t released any specific details about the cards that would be accepted or how many would be issued.

The NFL has said it is considering a free online service that allows players to play games without having to register with a gambling operator.

However, the league has said that its plans will not be subject to the same restrictions as the NHL.