Keno is shutting down after just a few months.

Keno announced in October that it would shut down.

Now, however, the company has issued a statement confirming the shutdown, and suggesting that its website is at risk of being shut down as well.

According to a statement posted to the Keno forums, Keno’s funding is currently not enough to maintain the website and that “we need to make a strong investment in the company to keep the platform alive.”

The site’s current status is unknown.

A recent tweet by Keno indicates that the site may be in the process of being shutdown.

“If there is no funding we can’t keep it going, so we need to do something,” Keno wrote.

“We need to invest a lot more money to keep it alive.”

Keno has not responded to The Verge’s request for comment.

Kenos revenue is not what it once was.

Its total revenue in August was about $11 million, down from $24 million in September.

Kenes revenue peaked at $42 million in February 2017, but that was largely due to the popularity of Keno cards, a combination of Kenos games and Kenos virtual currency.

Keny’s financial woes are not surprising given the recent shutdown of other Japanese gambling sites.

In December, Tokyo-based gaming site Dabao shut down after a massive hack, with the site’s CEO stating that “there are currently more than 4 million users on our site.”

In July, Kotaku reported that Dabaya was shutting down.

Dabaios shutdown is also a sign that gambling websites may not be able to sustain their operations indefinitely.