A poker player has been jailed for more than eight months for a $2.6m win from online gambling.

Samuel Lee, 22, from Sydney, admitted three charges of using computer software to gain an unfair advantage and one of obtaining a computer network.

A NSW court heard Mr Lee, of Halsey, used a gaming site called Casino Royale to win millions of dollars.

He had previously admitted to using the site to gamble and to engage in unlawful activities.

A jury at the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney sentenced him to eight months in jail.

He also had to pay $1.1m in fines and court costs.

The jury at that trial also heard Mr, from Halseys Creek, had been a regular gambler for more then 10 years.

In the plea deal, prosecutors said he had been using the casino site to buy and sell real-life money in the hope of winning millions of real-world dollars.

Mr Lee had also been convicted of a string of other offences, including possessing a prohibited weapon.

Mr Justice O’Brien said the sentence was appropriate.

“The offence was not the result of the defendant’s own misconduct, but rather the consequence of the criminal conduct of others,” he said.

“In this case, the defendant acted with intent to gain a competitive advantage.”