With casinos in Australia and New Zealand facing a wave of regulatory scrutiny, a new study by online gambling giant Ipsos is shedding light on which online casinos have the best online security.

The latest Ipsos Global Gaming Security Index measures online gambling operators’ level of cyber security by taking into account their average level of intrusion into users’ online accounts and the likelihood of cyber attacks on those accounts.

The index is based on over 3,500 online casinos and offers a comprehensive view of online gaming operators’ cybersecurity capabilities.

“There’s a lot of pressure from the government and regulators in the US and other countries to get better online security, but online gaming has been pretty resilient to it,” Ipsos managing director Ian Cairns said.

“They’ve had a lot less problems with cyber attacks than the rest of the industry.”

Australian online gambling operator ICbet has a high level of cybersecurity but also faces a number of regulatory challenges, according to Cairnns.

The company’s security team has the resources and expertise to defend against sophisticated threats such as botnets, he said.

The Australian government has recently tightened its online gambling regulations, including the introduction of a one-year jail term for people who breach gambling laws.

“The online gambling industry has a lot to offer to people in Australia, but also to those looking to make the transition from playing online to regular playing,” Cairnts said.

“If you’re a regular user, you’ll be well-protected, but if you’re new to the industry, you might not be.”

He said the online gambling sector had been “pretty resilient” to a number other threats, such as cyber crime and phishing.

The online gambling market is expected to continue to grow in the future.