Online gambling site ‘will not be allowed to operate’ as a result of the health authority’s ruling.

The ruling comes after the health regulator told the website it was operating under a false name and had no business in New Zealand.

Online gambling, which has been around for almost 30 years, is banned in New South Wales and Victoria.

Online betting companies have struggled in New York, where state regulators recently passed a law that would make it a crime to make bets on horse racing.

Online gambling has been growing rapidly in the US and Australia, and in the UK, it is now one of the biggest forms of gambling in the country.

The Health Ministry said the ruling was based on a review of the website’s activities.

“The website was created to make online gambling available to New Zealanders and to allow us to regulate the gambling industry,” a spokeswoman said.

“This was never the intent, and we did not take the website offline.”

Online gambling companies have long had problems with New Zealand’s anti-money laundering laws, but it was only in recent years that New Zealand started to clamp down on the practice.

The health authority ruled that online gambling was not an investment vehicle for the purpose of gambling.

The regulator said it was still looking at whether to open an investigation into the company’s business activities.

The spokeswoman said it would not be able to disclose any details of the investigation because of the ongoing regulatory review.

Online gaming company ‘will remain online’The health ministry’s decision comes after a New Zealand-based online gambling company, Bovada, was raided by authorities in December after it raised more than $1 million on the internet.

In a statement, the company said it had not yet received any information that it was being investigated.

The spokesperson said the company had been granted an extension of time to submit a response to the Health Ministry.

The company said the health authorities decision did not change its decision to continue operating.

“We have never, nor will we ever, accept this type of regulation and have no plans to do so,” the statement said.

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