Some sites may be able open their doors to bitcoin in the next two years, but not all.

A number of bitcoin startups have raised $5.3 million in funding in 2017 alone, but there’s still plenty of uncertainty about what the next decade holds.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy and its future is still unclear.

Here are the top bitcoin startups in the world right now, and which ones could be on the move.


CoinbaseThe startup announced plans to open its doors to the cryptocurrency in 2018, but has yet to actually take up the challenge.

In a statement to The Verge, Coinbase CEO and co-founder Max Keiser said the company “would like to take a step back and look at what’s next for bitcoin.”

Coinbase has been working on a bitcoin exchange that would allow users to trade bitcoin with other exchanges.

The company currently holds about $2.5 million in total bitcoin and $2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.

The site has also been developing a digital wallet to allow users store their cryptocurrency in.

Keiser, who is also the CEO of Bitcoin ATM, told The Verge that the company was also working on an exchange for other currencies.

Keisel said Coinbase had also reached out to the US Justice Department and other regulatory agencies.

Keishin said CoinBase is working on its bitcoin wallet, but had not yet made any final decisions about which exchanges to open up to the digital currency.

Keihin said the Bitcoin ATM is “a first step toward becoming the go-to bitcoin exchange for Americans and consumers.”


CoinVaultCoinVault is the first bitcoin exchange in the US.

The Bitcoin ATM store and exchange was founded by a former employee of the exchange, and is owned and operated by former CoinVaults CEO and former co-founders Jonathan Schwartz and John Lee.

Coin Vault’s team has a diverse set of experience, with a former member of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a former Goldman Sachs employee among its employees.

Schwartz, Lee, and former Coin Vault CEO Chris Dixon have held positions at various investment firms.

The team has been focused on bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies, for the past year.

Schwartz and Dixon recently announced they are working on the company’s first bitcoin-focused business, a mobile app for retail customers.


BitGoCoinGo, which is backed by bitcoin startup BitGo, is one of the few bitcoin exchanges to have a full-fledged bitcoin wallet on its platform.

The exchange has a robust bitcoin trading bot that is currently processing roughly 1,000 transactions per second, with approximately 80 percent of the trades being made using bitcoin.

CoinGo, along with other bitcoin exchanges like BTC-e and Mt.

Gox, has also built an API for developers to use to quickly add new bitcoin trading bots to their platforms.


BTC-EBTC-E is one the only bitcoin exchanges that has a full bitcoin wallet.

The platform has a comprehensive trading bot for all major currencies, and it’s been making inroads into other cryptocurrencies as well.

BTCE also has a separate bitcoin exchange, BTC-N.

BTCEx’s CEO and chief scientist, Brian Behlendorf, told Business Insider in an interview that the exchange has been adding “over 100,000 bitcoin-related trading bots per day” since it launched in August.

Behlender noted that there is currently more than 2,000 trading bots on BTC-Ex, and that he expects BTC-Es trading bots will increase to 4,000 per day over the next month.


BitfinexThe Bitcoin ATM stores and exchanges have been offering bitcoin-only trading services since August of 2017.

Since then, Bitfinext has added a bitcoin-centric mobile app and has launched a bitcoin wallet to help users keep their coins safe.

The app has been a popular one among bitcoin aficionados.

BitFinex has been able to increase the number of bitcoins it accepts from around 3 million to around 7 million over the last year, but it’s still unclear how much of that number will eventually be used.

Behrender said the app has added more than 200,000 accounts to its trading platform in 2017, but he could not share any additional details.


CoinbaseThe company that raised $8.7 million in venture capital in 2017 has been quietly ramping up its bitcoin trading operations.

The Coinbase wallet service was acquired by Coinbase in December of 2016 and is now the only Bitcoin ATM in the United States.

Coinbase also recently announced plans for its second digital wallet.

Coinbase’s bitcoin-aware mobile app will be a major component of the company, but Behlenderes team is currently focusing on integrating the new Coinbase mobile app with the Coinbase platform.


CoinTelegraphThe digital wallet service CoinTelegram is another popular digital wallet for bitcoin users.

Coin Telegraph was founded in 2016, and currently has over 150,000 users.

The startup has made strides in integrating bitcoin, and