Arizona’s online gambling legislation is set to become law.

The bill passed the state Senate on Monday.

Under the legislation, online gambling will be offered on gaming platforms that provide online gambling for up to $200 per person.

The first online gambling company to offer a service will be allowed to operate in Arizona, according to the legislation.

Currently, Arizona has a total of 14 online gambling sites, according a spokesman for the Arizona Gaming Commission.

Currently, Arizona offers $1 million in gaming taxes to local governments.

The legislation also includes a provision that allows casinos to open more slots and allow customers to bet on real-money sports.

The state also allows casino operators to offer online gambling with the purchase of a lottery ticket.

It’s unclear how the legislation will affect casino owners and operators, but Arizona Gaming Commissioner Bob DeWitt said he expects online gambling to thrive in the state.

“There are a lot of opportunities out there to build the business,” DeWit said.

“And I’m sure that in the future, there will be some.”

The legislation is expected to become part of the state’s new state budget.

It also allows for the state to begin accepting federal funds to help pay for the gambling expansion.

Arizona is one of the only states in the nation that has not been able to pay for online gambling expansion, according the Casino Reinvestment Coalition.