The Games and the Olympics are back on your radar.

But how do you bet on them?

There are now more than 2,000 online gambling services in Brazil, and each offers different odds.

Here are some of the best ones.


Bovada Bovadas online betting offers odds of 1.4% on FIFA, the world soccer governing body, and 2.1% on the Brazilian football team.

The site’s online interface makes it easy to browse, while the site’s website is also loaded with free, real-time betting tips.


Pinnacle Pinnacle offers a 3-hour online casino game at a 0.85% to 1.6% discount, plus an additional 1% for every bet on one or more of the team’s matches.

Pinnacles website has a detailed betting guide that details every match and every bet that can be done, and a video tutorial on how to bet.


World Wide Gaming is a Brazilian betting site that offers odds for FIFA, basketball, hockey, football, golf, tennis, and more.

The website offers tips on how best to bet, including the ability to play the game on mobile devices.

4. offers odds on the Olympics, football and tennis.

Playbets is an international sports betting site, which offers odds to all of the major sports, including basketball, football (soccer), baseball, baseball (baseball), hockey (soccers), hockey, baseball, rugby, rugby league, soccer (socionics), soccer (baseballs), soccer, tennis and more, as well as a list of the most popular online betting sites.


World Series of Poker offers odds ranging from 1.8% to 2.6%.

The site offers a detailed guide to betting on all the games, with a detailed video tutorial.

6., a UK-based online poker service, offers odds between 1.5% to 3% on sports betting sites like

The company’s website has an extensive betting guide and a feature that lets you see your own score, as opposed to just the odds.


Betfair offers odds up to 2% on football, basketball and tennis matches, plus the chance to win up to £1,500 on football and £2,500 for tennis.

8., a betting site in China, offers online poker odds up as high as 3%.

The website also offers tips and free video tutorials on how much you can bet, how to make a winning bet, and how to win at the most important sports events.


Bet on Football, a sports betting service, provides a 1.9% to 5% discount on FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, as it does on the football team’s World Cup games.


BetFair offers a 0- to 3-day, $300-per-week, live-tablet, sports betting option on the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.

The service’s website features an extensive bet guide, as do its mobile apps.


Bovespa offers odds from 0.5 to 1% on Football Outsiders’ football odds, as does Betfair.


Online Sportsbook offers odds and offers in-person betting in live poker, basketball/fantasy football and baseball. has a comprehensive guide to the sports betting industry and a free online video tutorial that gives tips on the best ways to win.


BetOnSports, a site in the United Kingdom, offers its own betting site and offers its customers the chance for a free, 24-hour, live video tutorial to learn how to play.


Bet365, a US-based sports betting website, offers a live betting offer in live video poker.

The live video offers an additional bonus of $100 if you bet with someone else’s account.


Bitesonline offers odds that range from 0% to 7% on all NFL games.

16. is a US online betting site offering odds ranging up to 0.7% on basketball, college football, baseball and soccer matches.


BetBets offers an even mix of online sports betting and real-money sports betting.


Bocco Sports is an online sports book that has odds ranging between 1% and 7% for NBA games, as they do for football.


Betonline, an Australian sports book, offers options for betting on sports games.


Bottega Veneta offers odds starting at 1.1%.


OnlineBets gives a 1% to 15% discount for NBA, MLB and NHL games.


BetOnline offers the best odds for sports betting at a 1-to-10-year return.

23. takes bets online from US to Europe and Asia.

The best bet is at a 3% to 8% discount