AUSTRALIA’S leading gambling regulators have said online gambling is not illegal, despite warnings from gambling experts.

The Australian Gaming Commission said online gaming was not a form of gambling and it was safe to play online.

Online gaming has long been a popular option for people with limited incomes and a strong interest in gambling.

Online gambling has long had a stigma associated with it and there have been warnings from the industry’s own experts that online gaming could be harmful to users.

Online casino operator Betfair has said online gamblers are not required to pay for their own games, while gambling firms are not licensed to operate online.

But the AGC said there was a lack of research and studies proving that online gambling harms users.

“While it is possible that there are risks associated with playing online games, these risks are small and the risks are low relative to the risks of playing a traditional casino,” the AGG said.

“It is also important to recognise that there is a significant market for online gambling services, and therefore it is important that consumers are aware of the risks involved.”

Online gambling courses are a popular way of getting into the gambling business.

The AGG is also concerned that gambling companies are not properly regulated and that they are making it harder for people who cannot afford to gamble.

It has also been suggested that gamblers may be over-reporting their gaming activity.